Friday, April 23, 2010

Thanks Megan Zimmerman!

So I started a blog due to the inspiration of the one and only, my best friend, Megan Zimmerman. It is late and I can't sleep. I am flying up to Oregon tomorrow for Kyle and Allie's wedding and haven't completely packed, but I felt very impressed to create my blog. My boo-bee-doos are sleeping at my feet on the couch and snoring so cutely that I can't stand it. There is an infomercial for Miracle Spring Water that will supernaturally wipe away people's debt. Are we this desperate at this time of day that we will spend money on water to anoint our checkbooks? Okey Dokey, Peter Popoff. On any level, I sometimes love this quietness of night where I can be accompanied by my thoughts.

I am pondering Ryan's and my church situation. What to stand for? What to let go? We have had very different spiritual experiences growing up and reconciling this in marriage is something we are working at. We are also thinking about when to start a family. What would be best for a future "Renna/Jyan?" Oh gosh little Matthews' running around...get ready world...we are a little nuts. When do I go back to school? Probably when we get back to Oregon. How are we going to rent our condo out? Lots of questions, lots of answers. I guess we just have to pick the ones that work best for us.

Gratefulness comes to mind, too, for finding medications that are helping me feel like I did a long time ago, working online in pajamas, and a temporary job with the U.S. Census to help pay off bills. I am excited and anxious for my audition for "Annie Get Your Gun." I haven't done any *real* acting since 2006 as Maria in "12th Night." Although, I know that if I work at refining my skills, it will definitely pay off--or I could just buy some Miracle Spring Water and anoint myself. :)