Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Census and Sam

We're counting you! That's right, it is time for the 2010 US Census. I have decided to do my civic duty and not only fill out my questionnaire and send it back in, but help train and manage some of my fellow Americans to go out and collect your answers. Although this temporary job with the government has basically taken over my life, I remind myself it is for a greater purpose. The Census helps us fund schools and hospitals, gives seats to the State Reps, and helps with genealogy work, just to name a few things. So please send in your questionnaires! It takes only 10 minutes! If you don't, we use $50 of your tax-paying money to send out an enumerator to count you!

Speaking of spending $50, when your pets get sick, you have to shell out some dough. Little Sam was shaking and moaning in pain yesterday. I tried having her go outside, but she couldn't defecate on her own, so I had to help her. :( I ended up taking her to the Emergency Vet because I didn't want to take any chances with her. (Bowel obstructions, perforations, etc..) It turns out that she had sustained a hip injury that hurt so much that she hasn't been wanting to squat as much to go potty. This, in turn, has backed up her system, causing her to not want to eat or drink. She is getting some x-rays on Monday to see for sure what's going on inside of her, and I am giving her doggy pain meds. She is also not allowed to jump, run, go on walks, and go up and down stairs; I have to carry her everywhere. Poor Sam. Goodness gracious! If and when I become a mother I am going to be a wreck.