Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dealing with Depression

I know that many people including myself battle this disease, and sometimes when the weather changes or if ANYTHING changes, it can get harder. Here are a few tips I found about a year ago online (I believe it was and I have them written on my "sticky notes" on my laptop's desktop so I see them everyday. (My notes are in italics)

Depression Busters:

1) Get some buddies -friends make everything a little more bearable
2) Read -can take your mind off troubling things and help you learn new things
3) Be accountable - let someone know a goal(s) you would like to reach
4) Predict weaknesses - for me, it's idle time, so I try to make schedules and lists
5) Distract yourself - I like doing arts and crafts
6) Aerobic workout - this is by far one of the best things you can do for your mental health
7) Start a project - this will give you a goal and something to work on
8) Keep a record - any journaling helps, especially if keeping track of mood, sleep, meds, etc..
9) Help someone else - serving others can be very gratifying, boost mood, and spread joy!
10)Get security items - if I'm having a hard time, cuddling with my pugs works wonders
11) Pray - even when you think you are talking to your ceiling, God listens and heals
12) Meditate - this simple, beautiful act of breathing can calm and refocus

Now by no means is this list exhaustive. I would love to hear if you have anything to add!

And always, if you notice yourself isolating, giving up dreams, goals, and/or interests you once had, please speak to someone about this-especially a mental health professional. Also, if you have thoughts of harming yourself or others, please contact a suicide hotline, the police and/or 911. Don't be fearful. Don't be embarrassed. There are people wanting to help you be you again. There is hope and life awaiting you.

Read Luke 10:19 --overcome!

Love Always, Jenna